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      Guilin Sanli Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in steel bar mechanical connection processing equipment series products: rolling straight threaded joints, tapered threaded joints, upsetting straight threaded joints, cold extrusion joints, composite joints and various construction equipment, and provides corresponding construction technology services. It is one of the leading and large-scale well-known enterprises in the field of reinforcing bar mechanical connection in China.

      Sanli Brand mechanical joints of various types of steel bars have been tested by type. Their tensile strength, secant modulus, ultimate stress and residual deformation meet the requirements of Grade I and II joints of the Ministry of Construction of China (JGJ107-2016), as well as the requirements of Grade SA and Grade A joints of American Standard (UBC1997), British Standard (BS8110), German Standard (DIN1045) and other foreign standards. It is suitable for the connection of GB1499 and BS4449 (CS2) reinforcing bars in the foundation, beams, columns, slabs and walls of reinforced concrete structures.

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